ARABIC: لمحة عن الإعجاز القرآني حول اتساع الكون و قوانين الفيزياء

Review of the Consistency of Holy Quran with Physics’ Law about the Expanding Universe

  • Prof. Mir Azmudin Hashimi Takhar University, Afghanistan.
Keywords: Expanding universe, Big Bang, Expansion, Hubble’s Law, Hubble’s constant, Redshift and Blueshift.


This research has done about the issue of review of the consistency of holy Quran with Physics’ law about the expanding universe.  While this issue is one of the fundamental research areas at the level of the world and from the other side many research centre have fulfilled on this subject, too.  Thus, the selected method for performing this research is library-based investigation.  Furthermore, I have done our best to utilize the contemporary resources for accomplishing this research job. This research has indicated that very important Astrophysical theory in twentieth century declared that the universe expanding, constantly and on the base of the mentioned fact all of galaxies which they are located far from us escaping with high speed from us.  But prove of this theory by reasoning upon the base of physics laws realized through Hobble’s law.  By the way, this research has cleared which Hobble fulfilled his research based upon Doppler’s shift about the coming out lights from stars.  He used very modern telescope for studying of far from galaxies and finally, he accomplished his job successfully; that is, substantiated with evidence that away galaxies are escaping far from us even by very high velocity. The executed investigation clearly demonstrated that we should prove the rightness of Hobble’s law by many other manners, such as: (1) the age of solar system on the base of radioactive dating is consistent with the Hobble’s age for the universe.  (2) Hobble’s age is compatible with designed and presented diagram by Hertz Sprung – Russell.  So that, very important fact is that which Hobble’s law has supremely similarity with the verse of Quran Al – Karim in regarding to this matter. Finally, this research showed those all ages which mentioned above are have been agreed to the happening of Big Bang over 15 billion years ago.  So, happening of the Big Bang is the main reason for expanding of the universe and in addition it is strong evidence which act as a witness for the validity of Hobble’s law.

Author Biography

Prof. Mir Azmudin Hashimi, Takhar University, Afghanistan.

Associate Professor, Physics Department, Faculty of Education

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Prof. Mir Azmudin Hashimi. (2022). ARABIC: لمحة عن الإعجاز القرآني حول اتساع الكون و قوانين الفيزياء: Review of the Consistency of Holy Quran with Physics’ Law about the Expanding Universe. Rahat-Ul-Quloob, 6(1), 01-15.