ENGLISH: Sectarian Marriages: A critical analysis of religion and marital bond in a Pakistani Novel

  • Dr. Zainab Akram SBK Women University QUetta
Keywords: Culture, sectarian, biasness, marriages, Shia, Sunni


In the cultural scenario of Pakistan religion plays an integral role in believes, notions, attitudes, behaviors, and social interactions. Surprisingly, the marriages that are settled by the elders of the family are also finalized on religious grounds. A commonly observed practice in Pakistan is to arrange marriages within similar religious cast. The undertaken study deals with the conflict amid multi religious society of Pakistan. The debut novel of Shazaf Fatima Haider, How It Happened (2013) portrays the conventional and typical Pakistani society and the situations that are confronted especially in settling the matters and preparations for the matrimonial bonds. The study is based on the cultural theoretical framework by Schleicher (2007) and the Cultural Theory. For the data, the descriptive research utilized the novel’s text.  According to the themes of religion, sect and sectarian, and the biasness that confronts the issues of settling marital affairs are particularly focused. The findings on thematic comparative analysis of religion and matrimony exposed the occurrence of robust sectarian matters and biasness that existed amid people by influencing their opinions, customs, behavior and deeds. The comparative analysis also portrays that religion and matrimony are knitted and intertwined. The author additionally portrays the detailed conflict which existed amid two chief religious’ sects that are Shias and Sunni’s, also generating competitiveness amid them particularly in settling marriages. It is found that Haider (2013) identified the contrast of concepts in suitability and yielding space among the matters that included wide-ranging acceptability of granting liberty in sectarian matters to new generation particularly in issues of marriage agreement. The contrast highpoints the difference of viewpoints between older and younger generations regarding religion and matrimony within similar cultural scenario.


Author Biography

Dr. Zainab Akram, SBK Women University QUetta

Assistant Professor, Department of English

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Dr. Zainab Akram. (2022). ENGLISH: Sectarian Marriages: A critical analysis of religion and marital bond in a Pakistani Novel . Rahat-Ul-Quloob, 6(1), 01-14. https://doi.org/10.51411/rahat.6.1.2022/341