Modern Native Orientalism: Islam phobia or Lack of Scholarly Credentials?

  • Dr. Muhammad Nasir Mahmood University of Sargodha.
Keywords: Orientalism, Islam phobia, criticism, modern enlightened age


Islam has been discussed and criticized in the West by the name of Orientalism and this practice is in vogue in the modern enlightened age. While Orientalism remains to be an important chapter in the history of Islam and the West, new modes of approaching Islam, ranging from dialogue and critical understanding to confrontation and rejection, continue to make their appearances in various forms. Recently the West has started sponsoring some Muslims and ex-Muslims to criticize Islam besides the Orientalists. These so-called Muslims have been frequently appearing in the arenas of criticism for last few years. We may call these Muslims or ex-Muslims as ‘native Orientalists.’

Author Biography

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Mahmood, University of Sargodha.

Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies

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Dr. Muhammad Nasir Mahmood. (2017). Modern Native Orientalism: Islam phobia or Lack of Scholarly Credentials?. Rahat-Ul-Quloob, 1(2), 01-14.