Issues and Problems of Muslim Minorities in Europe (A Case of British Muslim Community)

  • Muhammad Muddasar Lecturer, Givernment Degree College Dinga Gujrat
  • Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.
Keywords: Europe, British Muslim Community, Discrimination, Issues, Challenges.


This piece of paper examines the existing position of Muslim minority in England with reference to their challenges, issues and problems, as well as this study reveals the solution and recommendations to solve these issues. The Muslims are one of the biggest communities of Europe in Britain. They are living and settled here since long.  They have many important contributions in every field of life even the sitting Mayer of London is a Muslim. It doesn’t mean they have no problem. They are facing lots issues and discrimination in every field of life, especially they are being deprived in the field of economy. Practising Muslims face a wide variety of challenges, even they do not have enough freedom of religion, freedom to offer open prayer, build mosques, keep beard and wear traditional dress at work. Women wearing the veil caused all kinds of issues and are practically banned for certain jobs (e.g. teaching and the police). Islam has dietary requirements that can make deciding what’s acceptable and not acceptable but at work all Muslim workers are not being offered Halal food. Islam is deadly against interest but in the UK the Muslims are unable to avoid themselves from it as no job is interest free. It is perceived that the Muslim minority is politically, economically and socially deprived in the UK. Thus, it’s the dire need to solve the problems of the Muslim communities in all over the West especially in Britain. The analytical and critical research methodology is adopted with mix method approach in this study.                                                                                                                                            

Author Biographies

Muhammad Muddasar , Lecturer, Givernment Degree College Dinga Gujrat

PhD Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies NUML, Islamabad

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.

Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies