Shariah and Evolution of Fair Trial Rights in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Iqbal District & Session Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore.
  • Dr. Khurshid Iqbal District & Sessions Judge
Keywords: shariah, Islam, Law, Rights, Pakistan.


Although Pakistan is considered as one of two states created in name of religion and concieved to be a place where Islam and other religions can be prcticed without fear and repraisal, yet the development of Shariah principles in the legal arena of country and the fabric of society is far from achievable. Fair Trial rights have remained at the backstage of legal concerns in the country, largely considered as a ‘luxury’ of developed societies. Yet the introduction of Article 10-A has started the conformation of basic rights in Pakistan. Although human value and integrity is at the core of rights developed in Shariah, yet the inclusion and provision of fair trial rights in Pakistan needs much improvement and adaptation.  

Author Biographies

Muhammad Iqbal, District & Session Judge, Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore.

Ph.D Scholar

Dr. Khurshid Iqbal, District & Sessions Judge

Former Director General KP Academy