The Analytical Study of Medication during Fasting in the Perspective of Shariah Rulings

  • Dr. Muhammad Fakhar ud din University of Science & Technology, Bannu
  • Dr. Shahab Ashraf Khatak G.U. D.I.Khan
Keywords: Fasting, Shariah Rulings, Medication


The beauty of religion Islam is not only to provide the complete life style and charter for one to lead his life smoothly but it flourishes the human life with its eternal directions and commands full of hidden pleasures coupled with physical and spiritual care of human body. In fact, the everlasting religion comprised of such rulings that help individuals in every walk of life until and unless these rulings are implemented and executed in a proper way according to the prescribed codes of Almighty Allah and his Messenger, Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The thorough study of Shariah rulings reveals the fact that to protect the man’s life or even to make it in comfort and ease, the gradual and steady relaxation has been observed like the one unable to perform prayer in standing position, legitimate for him to sit or even through gestures according to the status of his illness and disease. Similarly, the fasting is important part of Worship, obligation upon Muslim to observe fasting during Ramadan with intentions to get Allah’s pleasure and piousness. This research study emphasis on highlighting the shariah rulings about the medication during fasting in order to know the extent of use, specification in drugs like injections and drips along with some relevant discussion about the spirit of medicine permission. The study will be the real addition to the knowledge and will be fine guidance for the Practiced Muslims.

Author Biographies

Dr. Muhammad Fakhar ud din, University of Science & Technology, Bannu


Dr. Shahab Ashraf Khatak, G.U. D.I.Khan

Teaching Assistant

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Dr. Muhammad Fakhar ud din, & Dr. Shahab Ashraf Khatak. (2018). The Analytical Study of Medication during Fasting in the Perspective of Shariah Rulings. Rahat-Ul-Quloob, 2(2), 21-35.